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Friday, October 25th, 2013 @ 2:01PM

As a former Portland resident (and frequent visitor), I know that Portland has a VERY heavy cyclist community, and the city has done everything it can to allow them to “share the lane” only when it is exceedingly necessary.  This cuts down on motorist frustration with the nearly-invisible profile (and slow moving) nature of a cyclist, and most importantly: it saves lives.

Today I wrote an email to City Manager Dave Kiff, Senior Civil Engineer Brad Sommers, and copied in the Legal Assistant to the City Attorney,  Erin Grubisich.  This email was in regards to the FREE consultation currently being offered by GreenLane, which helps cities design properly to keep bicycles and motorists from both mutual frustration and collisions.
The email [entitled “Green Lane for Newport (consulting may be free!)”] was as follows:

Dave and Brad,

I’m Michael Glenn and I’m running for District 1 City Council (Henn’s current spot, when he terms out).

I’d like you to take a look at the following and let me know what you think.  As someone who lived in Portland (and frequently visits), I can personally attest that this has been a MASSIVE success there, pleasing both bicyclists and motorists alike.  “Share the lane” is something that the cities tell everyone in order to prevent buying more road, but it’s something that nobody truly likes, and frankly: it causes deaths.

This solution can be surprisingly inexpensive, highly effective, and allows cyclists their own portion of the road.  This is obviously only for when it is viable– we won’t be putting “green lanes” everywhere (though I’m sure some would argue for it).

There is more information here:

The city can apply here: — but it must be soon.  The application process for free consultants ends on November 15th.

I think this would play VERY well with the newly authorized Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you both!

Best regards,

Michael Glenn

I hope that the City of Newport can take this information and put this to good use– and if this means getting FREE consulting from wildly successful bicycle implementation planners, then… awesome!

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